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Captain Forsyth has presented his video of his recent cruise to Antarctica at several yacht clubs and found a brisk demand for copies. He has had some DVDs made commercially, and they are now available for purchase. The video, Fiona Returns to Antarctica, runs for 54 minutes and is in NTSC format. Cost is $20 plus $3.00 postage in the US and $5.00 postage for the rest of the world.

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Capt. Forsyth will then send you, via PayPal, a "request" for funds, which you can then transfer to him using PayPal only.

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The DVD vividly depicts Captain Eric Forsyth's 11-month, 20,000-nautical mile voyage from Long Island, New York, to Antarctica and back via the Panama Canal. His sturdy Westsail 42 cutter sailboat, FIONA, was manned by 13 visiting crew members at different times. During the voyage, Captain Forsyth descended into an active volcano in the Azores Islands, filmed the wild music of Salvador, Brazil and spent Christmas at the Races in the Falkland Islands. The stark grandeur of the scenery in the Antarctic is without parallel; Captain Forsyth traversed the famous Le Maire Channel on the way to the Antarctic Circle. In several places he compares evidence of climate change with pictures taken on a cruise made eight years previously. He returned via the west coast of Chile, thus completing a westabout rounding of Cape Horn. On the way to Panama the boat stopped at Robinson Crusoe Island.

At the end of the video, Captain Forsyth mentions some of the changes he has witnessed in over 40 years of ocean cruising. He is concerned about the profligate use of fossil fuel in the world and suggests a way of dramatizing future changes in a way that is understandable to the general public by staging a transoceananic race for sailboats which will not carry any fossil fuel and generate all the energy they need themselves. This is analogous to our own earth in a few decades which will be sailing through space without any fossil fuel on board.

Produced, Directed and Narrated by Eric Forsyth

Edited by Lew Schatzer