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Started 10 years ago, YachtFiona.com is the personal Web site of noted sailor, engineer, and adventurer, Eric B. Forsyth. You can find out all about Capt. Forsyth elsewhere on this site. Capt. Forsyth's writing also appears on other sites, such as Ocean Navigator Magazine (for whom he is a regular contributor) and Yachting Magazine. In other words, Capt. Forsyth publicizes YachtFiona.com wherever and whenever he can--which leads to more visitors to the site.

Speaking of visitors, we average nearly 3,000 per month. YachtFiona.com also has a YouTube channel, where Capt. Forsyth's sailing videos are made available to computer users as well as smartphone viewers.

YachtFiona.com attracts sailors seeking Capt. Forsyth's wisdom, experience, and advice about long-distance cruising. A veteran of the high seas, who has circumnavigated the globe four times as well as several trips to both Polar regions, Eric Forsyth is a wealth of information and these "riches" can be found in his numerous Newsletters on YachtFiona.com, which are accompanied by photos that encompass the wonders of nature...and DIY "fixes" to the vessel.

We feel that visitors come to YachtFiona.com for three main reasons:

  • To read about Capt. Forsyth's adventures around the globe
  • To marvel at the photographs and videos of distant and exotic lands
  • To learn Capt. Forsyth's techniques with regard to ocean-going seamanship and do-it-yourself fixes/maintenance

As a potential advertiser, you can see where this is going: The YachtFiona.com audience is chock-full of sailing enthusiasts who have the necessary, abundant disposable income to support their hobby. And they're serious too, because ocean sailing is anything but a relaxing "spin around the bay." Moreover, serious sailors know they must spend "serious money" on:

  • Vessel Electronics (Satellite telephones; radio equipment; GPS units; computers...)
  • Proper Clothing (Foul weather gear; deck shoes; wristwatches...)
  • Consumable Supplies (Long-lasting canned food; water; cleaning supplies...)
  • Parts and Maintenance (Sails, engine supplies, fittings, lines...)
  • Vessel Storage (Mooring fees, dry-dockage...)



We are currently offering banner advertisements on YachtFiona.com's "home" page (the first screen you see) since this is the most visible and effective location for ad placement at this time.

We can locate your advertisement at the very top of the home page, for $125 per month, payable in two six-month plans.

Alternatively, we can locate your advertisement toward the bottom of the home page, immediately below the "page links" and immediately above the "Email Yacht Fiona" link for $75 per month, payable in two six-month plans.

When a viewer sees your banner and clicks on it, they can be taken to any page on your site that you choose.

We suggest you create a page for YachtFiona.com referees specifically, with products/services that would interest them on the page. You can even give visitors from YachtFiona.com a discount as an incentive to buy. However you choose to maximize your ad expenditure is up to you.

As an added service for Inaugural Advertisers, our Webmaster will even create the banner artwork for you, in a .JPEG file.

I thank you for your time and I invite you to email me with your contact information and a time when you'll be available to talk.


Happy Sailing,
Richard Hollander